2014 Suzuki Swift Review

Performance can be given three stars as the 93 bhp 1.2 litre petrol unit can be a bit slow unless and until you give it numerous revs and even after doing so, it does not run much faster. The range Topping Sport model has 134 bhp 1.6, making the car quick to beat the competitors of the same class.

It’s a complete fun to drive this little Swift, especially the Sport version. Body control is superb and the grip too is good, making it stable in deep and steep bends and curves. Although the steering can do better with some feedback. The ride has a firm edge, which might disappoint some buyers but its racy character makes it simpler to put up with in the Sport.

In every model you will get road and wind noise. But apart from this the 1.2 little petrol engine can be a disappointment which needs some working and making life noisy. At 70mph, the engine buzzes noisily. The hot Hatch Sport model comes integrated with a manual gearbox of six speed (instead of the five speeders in various other models), making it more eased out on the motorway since its engine is not revving highly.

The biggest selling point of mini Suzuki is its affordability. Its good pricing scheme undercuts many competitors by a good wedge. You can even get good discount and resale values too are descent enough. The engine is optimised for efficiency, making Swift pretty closer to the class leaders in terms of CO2 emissions and fuel economy.

The quality and reliability can be given three stars. The material inside its cabin look and feel considerable enough and the feel of assembly is superb. Although much of the surface is scratchy and hard to touch leaving Swift much behind the race of class leaders for wow factor. Suzuki’s reliability record is not good and its reliability was rated to be just average in the current JD Power Customer satisfaction survey.

Safety and security is simply outstanding with a maximum of 5 stars in euro NCAP crash tests. It comes with a remarkable collection of standard safety kit, comprising stability control and 7 airbags (one which safeguards drivers knee from any crash). It comes with deadlocks, an engine immobiliser and a noticeable vehicle identification number to help drive off thieves.

The space and practicality is not very good. The rear legroom is not very spacious and good as compared to its nearest and spacious rivals. It has a high roofline, meaning you will have lots of headroom whichever seat you wind up in. Several other small cars have larger boots and folding the rear seat down leaves a good room in the boot floor.

2014 Suzuki Swift 1.2 black car photo 2014 Suzuki Swift 1.2 black car rear side 2014 Suzuki Swift 1.2 black car rear 2014 Suzuki Swift 1.2 black car side 2014 Suzuki Swift 1.2 black car

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