2009 Suzuki Splash Hatchback Review

Good to drive, this cute hatchback has a surprising amount of space in the cabin. The rev counter is hard to read and the boot is so small it is a big drawback. The Splash is also quite pricey.

There are two engine options available, the 93bhp 1.2-litre, and the 67bhp 1.0. They both have decent performance but have to be revved hard. The ride however is very smooth.

The Splash is almost a smaller version of the Suzuki Swift so they share some similarities. There is great agility in corners due to a strong grip and direct steering. It leans a bit on curves due to its tall body, but has a smooth ride overall that won’t be disturbed unless you are on the roughest of surfaces.

The engine can be quite noisy when accelerating but becomes much quieter when the pace is settled down. There is a slight bit of road noise and wind in the cabin but nothing that becomes a problem.

Although not overly cheap, you get your money’s worth of equipment. It has decent fuel economy and emissions are also good so it won’t cost a fortune in taxes.

There is a textured finish to the plastic in the cabin that makes it look quite smart. They will likely prove to last the long haul as they are very sturdy. Being a Suzuki, you can expect to have no trouble with the mechanics and gaps in the panel are very tight.

There is a very good safety kit which includes standard stability control and curtain, side and front, twin airbags. As for security, it comes with deadlocks and an engine immobiliser.

Comfort should be simple as both the driver’s seat and steering wheel adjust for height. The dash board is laid out in a logical manner and buttons are user-friendly. The rev-counter is difficult to read since it sits on top of the dash on a stalk, and the window pillars are very thick which makes clear visibility a challenge.

Since the vehicle is so small, the large amount of space that it has is amazing. There is plenty of headroom since the roofline is high, and even in the back there is ample legroom. The boot is fairly small but additional space can be created by folding down the rear seat.

Standard in all versions is remote locking, CD stereo, power front windows and a steering wheel covered in leather that has audio controls. Higher-end models add in front foglamps, alloy wheels, rear privacy glass and air-con.

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