2014 Skoda Citigo Hatchback Review

Before buying a car, you should thoroughly grab vital acquaintance about it; either you are planning to own a sedan, SUV or compact car. If you are eager to buy a compact car, then you can go for Skoda Citigo Hatchback by all means, because this car is geared up with umpteen classy and useful features. Below are the details regarding its prime features and performance on roads.

If you look at the dashboard, then it is identical to the giant models of Skoda. The front is enriched with easy to operate touch screen satellite navigation tiding groove, which makes it highly convenient. But there is just one drawback i.e. there is no ingress unison for the steering wheel, which may cause problem to some people while driving.

Seating arrangement is made to provide comfort; this is why there is adequate space afore, and sufficient in the back as well for two majors of average height and built. The 5 door model makes facile approach to the rear seats as well. Seats are designed well, to bear the load, and there is adequate foot space as well, so enjoy the comfort seating, while long drives as well.

The bonnet of this car comes with a sedan like look, and with a stunning grill to feature the mesmerizing logo of Skoda. The uncouth xenon lamps are fitted to uplift the comfort while driving in nights as well. Tail lamps are placed vertically, while the windshield has a rectangular shape.

This car is geared up with two 1 liter three cylinder petrol engine, one is empowered with 59bhp and the second one with 74bhp. They are nimble enough for the oppidan trips. Though it need to be swirled hard, when it come in front of testing conditions like hill or autostrada. The 74bhp engine faces preferably well the autostrada speeds by all means.

This car gives you utter comfort even in unwanted urban obstacles on roads like riding pot-orifice, rumble strips etc. The steering is designed light, and it is quite swift to operate, which gives you sheer easiness to drive well during the tight turns on road and while parking as well.

This car gets loud a bit when it is accelerated up to autostrada speeds, and small bit of air and road noise, slither in to the cabin, which needs refinement for sure, though this car is tranquil at low speeds.

Above mentioned features can help you to make up your mind about this exquisite car. This car is available to you at threepenny rates, in comparison to the other cars in the same category. Another advantage is that, the resale value of these cars is also at a higher side. If you are willing to do a bit, to protect your environment, then you can go for the Greentech models, which release less than 100gm/km of CO2, make them exculpate from road tax. Skoda holds an excellent record in the JD Power Customer Satisfaction survey. If you are concerned about the safety, then you will please to know, that, this car has been awarded with the maximum 5 star ratings in Euro NCAP subversion assay. There are three carve models, that are S, SE and the Elegance, but you should go for the SE model which comes with remote central locking, AC, electric front windows. If you go for the Elegance, then you can get heated front seats, sporty alloy wheels, satellite navigation screen, multimedia player and Bluetooth.

2014 Skoda Citigo Hatchback white car front 2014 Skoda Citigo Hatchback white car photo 2014 Skoda Citigo Hatchback white car rear view 2014 Skoda Citigo Hatchback white car side rear

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