2014 Porsche 911 Review

This car is one the most elegant and classy cars. It not only is an iconic sports car but also is the most popular cars ever. The Porsche 911 has a wide range when it comes to performance, price and capability. It is a supercar that is the basis and standard of all the other sports car.

The car now is even more wide, long and light as compared to before. However it still has its iconic cues and curves that is the classic norm of a Porsche 911. The 2014 model has Sport Design side mirrors and LED headlights with dynamic high beam. It also features CDR plus audio system, navigation equipped vehicle with speed limit display, sport bucket seats and a wide range of colours.

The 2014 GT3 model producing 475 horse powers has a turbocharged engine. It also includes a 911 turbo with 520 horse powers and turbo S with 560 horse powers. This car offers a seven speed manual transmission and a seven speed paddle shift with dual clutch automatic. They come with a PDK gearbox.

The cabins with the upgraded seats and materials are a charm. They are very high in performance with the front seats being very roomy and comfortable. This car has large windows at the front and at the side. They are spacious with space for extra cargo and enough head room.  The trunk area is made to hold a large amount of luggage.

The mileage of this sports car is good and as already stated with excellent performance. They have exquisite engineering being done on them with many advanced electronics and safety features to avoid any crashes or injury.

The look has evolved a great deal but it still has a hint of the original models. It has roundish headlights with rising front fenders. It consists of a longer wheelbase and carries an adaptation to the Panamera’s cabin with equal skills and charm. It has a sporting look which also provides for a comfortable driving. It has a faster and absolutely better when it comes to handling. It gives stability to all wheel drive models as it has increased the track width of its model. It also features a stopwatch that can be tied up with the car’s computer and enable functions like lap timing etc. it has a high speed stopping ability.

It is a well specified and a well built car which is quite practical. All over the Porsche 911 is excellent.

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