2014 Nissan Micra Hatchback Review

This little car is truly impressive for many good reasons, and it won’t make a hole in the budget when you buy it. First of all, and a great feature this is, this supermini car has large windows, so your range of visibility is excellent in all directions. All Nissan vehicles receive respectable reviews and this one is no exception. It’s a truly terrific little machine for stop/start driving as the breaking is swift and effective. Also, a full tank of fuel will keep you going for over 55 mph, or more, depending on the model. This statistic keeps the car in the low running-costs range. The highest amount you will pay for this great little motor is 14, 500 GBP, and this little champion will see you right every time you take it out of the garage. Take it out for a spin and check out the top running speed of 100 mph, or slightly over.

This car will definately retain its class and reliability even at its topmost speed. This auto has startling eye appeal, and it DOES appeal, to drivers of all ages who are seeking an automobile that is attractive, though not necessarily posh, as well as a car that has plenty of space in the interior and the hatch. The emissions levels are still low, at only 99g per km, and this is another star on the Nissan scoresheet. Now try to get your head around everything else that’s on offer, from climate control to MP3/ iPod connection, to Bluetooth connectivity – this one has it all, and more. You’ll get away at the lights without feeling ashamed, moving from 0-60 mph in just 11.4 seconds max, and overall the Nissan Micra gets a whopping 4 out of 5 stars for a truly breathtaking all-round performance.

Whatever you value in a small car, the Micra is the best of all of them, with its swashbuckling exterior shape and colour; your neighbours will be all over it wanting to know where they can best acquire one for themselves. This comfortable little auto has plenty of head- and leg-room, and is suitable for tall passengers, or drivers. It won’t take any cheek in its own class, and being sturdily constructed with curtain and front-seat airbags, its safety specifications are right on the money. So bundle up and jump into your new Nissan Micra.

Head for the coast for a zesty swim, or just cruise along the road enjoying the scenery. You’ll feel like the sun is always shining when you’re driving this nippy little driving machine, and it will take you anywhere with a cheering lack of mechanical problems. This is a super mini car, with a great sense of attitude, so leave your worries behind you, and drive away in one now.

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