2015 Mitsubishi Mirage Review

The 1.2-litre petrol engine has a decent strength and all versions have low emissions. The safety kits are comprehensive as well. There is tons of wind noise and there are better vehicles out there to drive. Adjustments for the driver are limited, the interior has a cheap feeling to it, and Mitsubishi has a low record for customer satisfaction.

There are two three-cylinder engines that are available, a 1.0-litre 70bhp, and a 1.2-litre 79bhp. Power delivery on the 1.2 isn’t overly smooth but it does have a zippy performance when revved. It comes with a five-speed manual gearbox as the 1.2 only has an option for a CVT automatic.

Minor road imperfections are absorbed by the soft suspension, but there is still a tendency for thumping over drain covers and potholes. A large amount of body roll will be done on curves. For driving around the city, the steering is easy and light, but is worrisomely vague when a high speed.

There is a loud thrum emitted from the 1.2 three-cylinder at the higher revs, and a fair bit of noise when driving on the motorway. You may also think a door is not properly closed due to the wind whistling. The gearbox is fairly slick and has light action.

Although the car itself is cheap, compared with similarly priced cars in its class, value no longer seems as good. It does have good emissions though so there will be no need to pay a fortune in tax.

It is obvious that you are riding in a budget car; the plastics feel and look cheap, and there are exposed screwheads in the cabin. The exception is the black trim on the centre console. In the latest JD Power survey, Mitsubishi finished close to the bottom in ranking for customer satisfaction.

All versions of the Mirage come with curtain, front and rear airbags, stability control and an emergency brake assist. Less comprehensive is the equipment for security, but there is an immobiliser for the engine.

There is no reach adjustment for the steering and the height of the seat can’t be changed, only the angle. A window line that rises and thick pillars make vision over- the -shoulder a challenge.

Spacious enough to carry four people, five can fit in on shorter trips. The rear bench is flat instead of being shaped for two. The boot is quite small and when the seats in the rear are folded down, you are left with a step in the floor.

With the 1.0, standard is power front windows and a stereo with two speakers and a USB socket. The basic 1.2 has air-con, two extra speakers and power windows in the rear. The top version 1.2s adds in climate control, keyless entry, alloy wheels and rear and front parking sensors.

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