2014 Mitsubishi Mirage Review

The Mitsubishi Mirage looks dainty and provides plenty of functionality. This is a cheap, honest and a basic car which is a good buy for budget shoppers. The looks of this car however are like mid nineties. It is 65.6 inches in width, 148.8 inches in length and 59.1 inches in height which makes it easier to park and easier to drive with good all round visibility. It has 14 inch wheels on all the four corners of the vehicle. The ES models generally fit spoke alloys which are seven in number. The larger rolling wheels might help in the car’s driving but on tests it turned out that that’s not true with the driver involvement.

This car has 1.2 liter three cylinders with MIVEC inline engine producing 74 horse powers at 6000 rpm and torque of 74 pound feet at 1000 rpm. The weight of this car is 2051 pounds with variable transmission. It would accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 12.8 seconds with CVT and 11.7 seconds when it includes a five speeds manual. The vehicles smoothness is a problem. The Mirage when fired up shudders and at standstill the vibrations of the vehicle are so strong that you can feel them in the vehicle and in the steering wheel.

Driving this car is an experience filled with noise, with the engine and the transmission drone as well as the noise of the wind. The handling is not that good either with the terrible power steering wheel. You cannot feel the wheels and so you have to guess and check as you go further towards your journey. The suspension includes a torsion beam in the rear and a strut setup in the rear. It is an unfortunate deal when it comes to uneven roads as it is vague in the turns. The good part is the brakes; they have enough stopping power to slow all 74 of the horses down with a linear, solid pedal feel.

The interior do not have comfortable seats and they are made of cloth that sits up in the front and are completely flat with a purple and black matrix pattern. It has basic instrumental panel with easy to locate controls for the vehicle functions. This car can take in 47 cubic feet of cargo and the back seats are uncomfortable but your knees won’t press against the forefront seatbacks.

The cons outweigh the pros when it comes to 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage.

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