2007 Mitsubishi i Hatchback

There are no tailpipe emissions, running costs are low, it seats four and it zips around quite well in town. It is insanely pricey to buy and both the handling and ride are poor. Cabin plastics are done cheaply and there is no adjustment for the steering wheel.

The motor has 133 lb/ft. pull and produces 63bhp. It is easy to whiz around town and when a convenient to do so, the auto gearbox can be put into an Eco setting to extend range and reduce power. A top speed of 81mph makes this a contender for the motorways as well.

You can make best use of this car in town since it is so tiny. The ride is unsettled though and the steering can be heavy. Beyond the limits of the city, the car is really bothered by side winds and HGVs wake. The tyres are very narrow and grip is limited.

Although the motor is under the boot in the rear, you can still hear it at low speeds, and at motorways speeds, it becomes quite irritating. There is also lots of road and wind noise.

Stated to go 90 miles per charge, it will only cost £115 in electricity for every 12,000 miles. It is exempt from the congestion charge and road tax. It still is pricier than others in its class though.

The interior plastics are grainy and hard and they look and feel cheap. The gear knob and the steering wheel are covered in leather and the build overall seems solid. In the 2012 JD Power survey, Mitsubishi placed sixth in its class.

The safety kit features are fairly decent, including ABS, and dual curtain, side and front airbags. It received a four-star rating for Euro NCAP crash test and Thatch-cam gave it four stars as well for security.

Visibility is good in the cabin and it feels airy and light. The driver’s seat adjusts for height but the steering wheel is fixed. The dash has simple heater controls but the stereo buttons are fidgety.

The car seats four but all adults will have a difficult time. There is not a lot of extra space and the boot is only about average.

Only one trim is available but it has standard CD player, air-con, remote central locking, power front and rear windows and alloy wheels. Options are also available for personalization.

Despite a few minor problems, this car is just fine and dandy for most purposes. It will get you where you want to go, especially around town. So shop, speed into work, or pull over for a quick java, and this little car will never let you down. It could even prove to be exactly what you need.

2007 Mitsubishi i Hatchback front view 2007 Mitsubishi i Hatchback interior pics 2007 Mitsubishi i Hatchback interior 2007 Mitsubishi i Hatchback rear seats 2007 Mitsubishi i Hatchback side photo 2007 Mitsubishi i Hatchback side view 2007 Mitsubishi i Hatchback

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