KIA Picanto Hatchback Review

This could easily be the most manoeuvrable car around, and with a 7 year warranty this supermini car is the real deal! Kia is a popular brand, and many people give it their brand loyalty, car after car. So what has the Kia Picanto got that keeps owners excited? First and most importantly, the MPG’s are very low. We all want to be able to say that and the Kia Picanto delivers on its promise. Secondly, it’s a hatchback, so there’s room-a-plenty for the family’s shopping, a suitcase or two, and all those odds and ends.

The hatchback in the Picanto is very roomy. Another big tick goes to the exemption from road tax in the smaller models, out of the 12 that are available. You won’t ever have to count the cost as this little car is a real penny saver, and it will steal any buyer’s heart with the absolute roominess of its cabin; even the taller, heavier driver will be very comfortable. Safety and reliability are the keywords for this little bobby-dazzler. You couldn’t pay less for the more that you get here: the dashboard is fantastically easy to see and use and all of these top features add up to a classy yet economical drive.

Keep looking and you will find even more good-value reasons to own this car. It’s an absolute synch to park, and it can turn on a sixpence, not only that, but when you do want to switch on a burst of speed, the little Picanto will give you good acceleration every time, leaving the other hatchbacks in it’s class far behind. Low C02 emission levels are also a very pleasing feature of this tiny car. Customer satisfaction is well and truly guaranteed with enhanced stability control for ease of driving in difficult conditions, and excellent safety equipment throughout its attractive interior. Do you want air conditioning to keep you feeling cool and fit to drive? Well here it is. And when the weather is chilly and you need a heated steering wheel, again here it is. For a tiny auto, this one is well fitted-out with easy to use extras, such as cruise-control.

And electric folding mirrors are yours at the touch of a button. Wow! This car really is a super-cheap little bargain, the perfect find for city-dwellers and motorway drivers alike. Light easy-to-manoeuvre steering keeps your Picanto effortless to drive, especially over longer distances. And for a small vehicle, this one has more power in the engine than you’d easily believe. You can easily compete with a bigger engine and not come out the loser. So many advantages are here for a smaller car. The EU specifications state that this car is nippier than many others. This little auto is efficient, it’s great to look at, and it’s sparky. Don’t let its smaller size blind you to its many charms.

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