2014 Jeep Cherokee Review

The brand new Jeep Cherokee 2014 is simply superb, and it stands at the 9th place out of twenty two catching up and highly admirable Compact SUVs. This Jeeps has got this tremendous ran, due to explications, of its test drives and professed reviews, along with its spectacular safety and credibility.

You will please to know that Jeep Cherokee 2014 has got 11th rank in affordable and appealing 2 rows SUVs; got the 9th rank in affordable and tempting compact SUVs and last but not the least for sure; it has got the 6th rank in SUVs scintillating off road performance. Demos who have taken the test drive, stated that this jeep offer great capacitation off-road as well, which is certainly an added advantage, to this SUV by all means. Interior is quite elegantly designed, and it certainly uplifts the majestic feel inside. A sledgehammer V6 engine backs the jeep exceedingly well, and allows it, to endow, mind boggling performance every single time, though V6 engine is optional, because generally it comes with 4-cylinder engine, which is also adequate, to bestow you stunning and power-packed performance. If you look at the transmission, then it is nine-speed automatic, which comes as standard feature in all the variants. Folks who have taken the test drive, state that the transmission performs remarkably well, it moves quite swiftly, when needed and admirably quick responsive, in all the driving conditions. Fuel economy is considerable for the class, but it could be a lot better for sure, it gives the fuel economy of 22mpg in city and 31mpg at highway. As the reviews state; this car can geared up with the options of three accessible 4-wheel drive grooves.

Reviews of it’s around corners handling, demos have mixed verdict; as some state, that it is well balanced, whether some other urged for more sobriety through the swirls. Critics are pretty amazed with the interiors of the jeep, as they stated that rich class materials are used to craft the cabin, and it is immensely tempting for sure. Seating arrangement is also quite exquisite and ravishing, and it endows tremendous back support, with a sigh of relief, back seat is enormously spacious with adequate leg space as well. Boot space inside is good, and it can get enhanced by folding the rear seats. It comes with Bluetooth, SD card reader, USB port, 5-inch touch screen display, and six speakers stereo. In the optional features you can equipped your jeep, with blind spot monitoring system, park assist, forward collision alert, adaptive cruise control, rearview camera, lane departure warning, heated leather steering wheel and 8.4-inch touch screen.

2014 Jeep Cherokee car review picture 1 2014 Jeep Cherokee car review picture 2 2014 Jeep Cherokee car review picture 3 2014 Jeep Cherokee car review picture 42014 Jeep Cherokee car interior dashboard

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