2014 Isuzu MU-X Review

Overview: it provides a better” first impression”. From all three sides the Isuzu’s MU-X is quite appealing, balanced and appealing. Although less powerful with an awesome drivetrain, refinement and torque band. The suspension of this car is soft and long lasting. The impressive and classic cabin will provide you calm and isolated, noise free ride. Although but plasticky, yet better accommodation with lots of finishing and detailing that doesn’t appears cheap.

Interior: the cabin is quite similar to that of Colorado 7 although the controls are different. The dark charcoal tone makes it look less commercial. The leather wrapped steering is good to feel and soft to touch although lacks adjustments. The dashboard and the instrument panel might give you the plastic feel.

But undoubtedly the snug offers you the confidence in its durability. Quite a roomy Ute with adjustable leather covered comfy seats. Vast knee room available and fully feature loaded model having Bluetooth, six speakers, USB connectivity and much more. It can be up-graded with latest trims.

On the road:

For the “on road” part we have chosen the Bridgestone’s tyre testing facility of east Bangkok. It includes some repeated runs of the market circuit.

We drove it on the five speed auto not on the manual one.

It offers quite impressive performance. With 4 turbocharged diesel engine of 3.0litres of 130kWand 380Nm that is just known for its quality, longevity and reliability. It offers you a comfortable, complaint ride.

Off road:

Off the roads too, it offers an impressive performance. The low speed capability of the torquey diesel inside the bonnet will allow this vehicle to creep even over the most challenging relief features. There is no substitute of this amazing car as it worked well in the controlled environment at the most steep deep washouts and even at the challenging angles.

We have taken it into the beds of rocks, while a lot of struggle is going under the wheels but the passenger inside barely would know about that and will continue to have a nice experience.

The extended wheels allow the body or the chassis to sit free and flat reducing the vertical movement of the stiffer suspension. Apart from this it also offers an amazing performance even in the auto mode.

First driver verdict:

Yes, you can surely go for this appealing family car offering you a seven-seat comfort, capability and robustness at the most reliable prices.

An extreme feature loaded strong and unbreakable experience that no other car can provide.

The transmission and engine is of commercial built. It’s also pretty quiet, comfortable at wheel and comes up with a warranty of 5 year/130,000km.

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