2014 Isuzu D-Max Review

Turning the focus towards the Isuzu D Max LS –Terrain auto crew cab, we have raised question for this car including the major- would you like to buy one?

What is it?

Earlier known as Holden and now Isuzu, the D-Max is the outcome of the split between two companies that leads to the birth of two vehicles having same architect but different names- the D-Max and the Colorado.


You have to pay around $51,700 for this good looking truck loaded with features like 17 inch alloy wheels with 255/65 series rubber of 3 tonne low capacity and can bear 1 tonne load.

Leading competitors?

Many are there including Nissan Navara, VW Amarok and Ford Ranger/Mazda BT50 and off course the Holden Colorado including the vehicle king- “the Hilux”.

Bonnet details?

Power of 130Kw and 380nM torque is produced by the intercooled 3-litres engine. Common rail direct dial injection and the turbocharger of variable geometry are the features. Aisin 5-speed automatic along with manual sequence mode that also includes a lock-up torque converter and adaptive grade logic are hooked with it.

What about its ride and suspension?

It offers smooth and pleasant ride without the harsh and roly-poly feel. The front suspension is double wish bone whereas the rear one is featured with a long span leaf spring

What about Car-economy?

Tank capacity is 76-litres. Fuel consumption is in ratio kilometres to litres not in kilometres to 100km. The average rate is 8.1 litres per 100 km which can be increased to 8.8 after few hundred kilometres.

It is a green car?

Unfortunately it’s not. It has scored 2.5 stars in rating done by the government green vehicle guide, producing CO2 at rate 220g/km; this car has got 3/10 in air pollution rating.

Is it a safe car?

It’s a safe family friendly vehicle. It has scored 5 stars in the crash safety test. Safety equipments include six airbags, stability control, reverse camera and traction etc.

Is it comfortable?

Highly adjustable and comfy seats make it more comfortable than any other Ute.

What about the driving experience?

It’s Economical smooth and equally responsive car. But lacks automatic light controller and one touch blinkers.

Is it worth its value?

The D-Max is a well equipped car having leather finish, AC, satellite navigation, speed warning camera etc. along with the protective steel guard fuel tank, sump and transfer case.

Would you like you buy one?

Sure, why not. Holden is okay and Isuzu is really good but the Colorado one undercuts itself by price.

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