New Expedition. Is It Really New?

As the press-service of Ford, the new Expedition has received an updated V-shaped six EcoBoost, the power of which the Americans decided not to disclose. But in our opinion, something radical is necessarily will not expected for this engine: it is the same twin-turbo engine with phase shifters, which was installed on the third generation of redesigned Expedition in 2014. Its capacity previously amounted at 365 horsepower, all-aluminum motor and is equipped with a system of direct fuel injection.

“Trolley” crossover is also refreshed. Ā«SkeletonĀ» of Ford Expedition consists of a large number of aluminum and steel containing boron impurities. The same approach was used in the construction of the chassis of a pickup F-150 last generation. As a result: the customer gets higher rigidity and reduced weight on 136 kg, which improved dynamic performance and reduced fuel consumption. By the way, the first hundred Expedition despite its size gains in just 6 seconds.


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