2014 Ferrari California T Review

The new 2014 Ferrari California T represents the turbocharged car of this generation. Just check this review out!!

Is it truly a turbocharged Ferrari? Sounds amazing!

Have a breath. Don’t forget the F80 and 288 GTO. They hardly lack in terms of features. The 2.0 turbocharged 208 sport car have gone through some strict Italian tax laws which has made this car with the big capacity engine to make a place in the home market.

Get used to these ideas as next year the 458 replacement will utilise the tweaked version this California 3.8-litres V8.

Taking you to the technical heights of Ferrari California T, the ravishing feature of the Ferrari engine with the flat-plane crank offers a different kind of firing order, character and sound.

Ferrari has covered long length to making it sound similar to that of an naturally aspirated engine that can form a complex triple piece exhaust manifold with an pipe of equal length, along with a fast spooling twin scroll turbo and for operating the boost level upto tailored torque curve.

What do you mean?

Manufacturers are usually worried about the torque curve as flatter as the dinner table but car of that kind offers a dull driving experience because their acceleration doesn’t enhances with the revs as in petrol engine with tuned performance.

From gear 1-3, this car will offer you a torque 443lb ft but in the mid upper rev range it will reach max. But in seventh gear in which the middle and lower range torque is much higher can arrives earlier than the top one.

The gist is that you can enjoy the naturally aspirated engine while going through these gear modes with this easy paced turbo engine when you want that at the top gear.

Green gains and economy

The new model is 15% more economical. The co2 emission is around 270g/km to 250g/km.

What’s new in this car?

The biggest improvement is done to the rear by ditching the tailpipe and lowering down the boot lid to make the car look leaner.


The new 2014 California might not be your selection in the topmost Ferrari range but it has fulfilled the Ferrari aspiration by bringing massive success for the company.

Ferrari has now come up with a car that in closer in terms of looks and feels what a Ferrari lover expects. The turbo engines works really well.

When we talk about Ferrari the desires are much higher that the engine of 458 can’t satisfy. It needs to buck up and kick harder to be at the top. Ferrari is ready to pull up his socks and bang 2015.

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