2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale

An exclusive display of active and passive aerodynamics with the new Ferrari 458 is on display here. Prancing horse on the front air dams whose doors are spring loaded can be pushed to open even above 105mph for decreasing the radiator and air flow through the turning vases of corners and grilles. The horizontal flap in front of the chrome steel will transfer the air under the Speciale at high speed in order tilt the down force equilibrium towards the rear axle.

Backside the 3 Italia central exhaust pipes are replaced by the more conventional twin doughnut size spread apart that is fitted at height in the bumper. A tall underbody diffuser is added to generate down force with the taller and longer rear spoiler. The drag reduction system is also available in car which includes a triple motor-controlled flap that drops from the diffuser tray for cutting the drag by investing down force. The opening and closing of the flap depends on the logic controller that monitors your speed, aggression and lateral acceleration. However it’s always extended in the drag reducing position for hitting the top speed.

The quicker steering, softer anti-roll bars, updated carbonic-ceramic brakes, retuned magnetoreheological damper and the 25% stiffer springs sharpens the reflexes. This car never gives up the pavement even at the hills and lumpy roads. The ability of the car to qualify such bad road is like a miracle in our religion.  The 458 is loyal both on tracks and normal streets.

Inside the cabin, yards of faux suede, exposed bolt heads, and the cabin fibre of door panel are another drawback. The pushbutton transmission control is now placed on the central tunnel from which the carbon fibre phalanges are coming out. For analyzing the real time, an optional “advance telemetry system” is present that takes the record from the USB stick and passes it to the iPad app of the co-driver. Our test car is having the four-point harness that is forbidden in America and optional in Europe.

Speciale treatment

After spending a few seating hours in this amazing 458 special, we find it really strange that how can someone reject this car. Then another thought strikes us that loathing and ignoring the Ferrari is the copy right of maranello resident who are always in between rare machines although have never driven one. Another reason is that they are not fortunate enough to pilot the amazing Ferrari Speciale.

 2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale car review picture 1 2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale car review picture 2 2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale car review picture 3 2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale car review picture 42014 Ferrari 458 Speciale car interior review

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