2014 Chrysler Ypsilon Hatchback Review

Well-equipped and priced competitively, this vehicle is a nicely styled alternative to the boring old superminis. The exterior is more appealing than the interior, and it doesn’t drive well. The ride is bumpy and handling is wishy-washy.

Available in two petrol engines: 84bhp turbocharged 0.9 Twinair and the 68bhp 1.2-litre. The Twinair has decent performance at revs above 2000rpm, but is not what you would call zippy. The 1.2 is slightly sluggish and there is also a braver 94bhp 1.3-litre diesel.

The suspension is too firm for poorer road conditions and there is a large body sway when cornering. The steering is slow to respond and vague.

The 0.9 is noisy at all levels. When revs drop too low, you can also hear vibrations from the engine. The 1.3 diesel doesn’t stand out either. The smoothest is the 1.2 petrol engine but you have to work it hard to get anywhere. There is also significant wind and road noise.

Only the basic 1.2 is priced attractively. The rest of the range is pricey, although they do have low running costs. Resale values are not expected to be high on the Ypsilon.

Interior materials feel cheap but the cabin seems solid. Mechanics used are the same as Fiat, which has only an average rating for reliability, so this could be a concern with the Ypsilon.

Standard are four airbags but you don’t even get stability control unless you have purchased the auto gearbox and with the S trim, you can’t even get stability control as an option. Included on all versions are auto hazard warning lights during hard braking and an engine immobiliser.

The driving position is high, the gearlever is on the dash and instruments are centrally mounted. The driver’s seat can be adjusted for height but the steering has no reach adjustment and the area around the pedals is cramped. The dash is laid out logically but visibility to the rear is very poor.

There is loads of space up front and also has impressive knee room. In the rear, headroom is cramped and shoulder room is also. The boot is small compared to other rivals.

The basic 1.2 S model is very sparse, not even including air-con and alloy wheels. The SE adds these as well as heated door mirrors and a leather steering wheel. Limited models also come with front foglights, leather seats, power rear windows, climate control and an USB connection.

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