Audi S1 Sportback Review

There are 20 models available in this range of cars, from petrol to diesel fuelled, and the price range of each of them is below 20, 000 British pounds. So isn’t that something to celebrate! Also, all the models in this range of racy little sports cars are 5 door models, which are so very handy for your passengers, and all you’re loading. What do we really have here? The Audi Sportsback is a turbocharged, economy-sized car, so it’s great in the city, especially the smaller engine models, and it’s great on the freeway. This car runs nice and quietly, so you can expect a good run wherever you are, with very little traffic or engine noise.

All the engines are also of top-quality, and this little rascal is just as high-quality on the inside as it is on the outside. This sports machine is all about owning an Audi, at a price you CAN afford. The status of being the driver of an Audi is all there for you. As you, and 3 of your best pals hop in for a test-drive, you will fell right on the top ranking, as you drive out in this wicked sorts-model Audi. You are driving one of the supermini’s that’s been commended for Its safety features, and in contrast, goes fast and is mega-sporty. So you’re in an edgy sports car, and you feel relaxed and comfy, what more could you want? Maybe the greatest navigation and infotainment options on the planet, which are all there for you. So you can have fun while you drive. You’ve uploaded your favourite tracks from your Ipad, and now you head out of the city to a special destination. There won’t be many super minis too rival your performance in this hot, classic car.

Everyone will be checking out your spunky automobile with the contrasting roof colour, while inside you won’t even notice that the extremely cost-effective engine stop/start mechanism has just saved you some fuel costs, and lowered your levels of carbon emissions, because this system does all the work for you, without you having to lift a finger. So as well as being a great easy-to-run machine this car is cost-effective.

Take a single guy and a couple of friends, put them into this fantastic mini – sports car and you have the perfect recipe for work and play. You will never regret your choice, and the excellent additional cost-price servicing will only add to your confidence in your choice of vehicle. You’ve just purchased the best car for YOU, and you know you can drive up and down the continent with a single worry. You’re in the care-free zone. You can load your cooler filled with wine and champagne into the surprisingly capacious boot, or don your sharpest suit, grab your girl and scoot into the hippest restaurant in town. This little beauty has all young want in a stylish mini, and you just know you’ll never look back.

Audi S1 Sportback red car interior Audi S1 Sportback red car quattro Audi S1 Sportback red car rear view Audi S1 Sportback red car

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