2013 Audi A1 Hatchback Review

All the Audi cars are the prime example of sheer and elite class engineering. Audi has put a step forward to sortie in small car segment. Therefore it has come with Audi A1 hatchback to mesmerize the people all across the globe.

Comfy and beautiful seats, methodically arranged dashboard makes it the real beauty altogether. Windows are designed well, to have a wide and clear vision of outside. Several car functions can be controlled with the help of pivotal control unit and screen. You can avail the top class comfort while grabbing the steering by all means.

There is decent space in front with sufficient leg space. The rear seats are quite comfortable for the children, because the roofline is sloping, though the back seats are not comfortable enough for long journeys, because they are quite plumb.

This car is available with a variety of turbo engines that are 1.2 and two 1.4 liter petrol units, and in addition 1.6 and 2.0 diesels. For the town car performance 1.2 is the best and the 1.6 diesel could also become helpful, but the 1.4 and 2.0 diesel, are the best for sparkling performances on roads. They are geared up to raise your economy up even at higher speeds.

There are three detruncate stratums to choose from. Each stratum here comes with more tenacious suspension and larger wheel base.  The standard models are capable enough, while the sport variants are more nimble.

A1 is a sizzling performer on roads by all means, though the diesel engines can be a bit noisy in speedy scenarios. But the petrol engines are taciturn and sebaceous. You can get yourself detached from road noise and wind, while driving. You can grab this car for sure, because it can give you efficient performance on roads every single time, with its remarkable fuel consumption capacity and lower CO2 release. Resale value of this car is at the vertex in the category. This car is highly durable and the switches and dials fitted in it look classy and elite by all means. Audi has won numerous awards for theft prevention, and if you look at the safety while driving, then you can smile because A1 has gained 5 star rating in EURO NCAP subversion assay. There are three scintillating carves, that are SE, Sports and S line. SE models come with alloy wheels, AC and music player, while the sport edition comes with added features like Bluetooth, sports seating arrangement. S line is geared up with part leather furnishing and a body-kit.

2013 Audi A1 S Line black car front 2013 Audi A1 S Line black car photo 2013 Audi A1 S Line black car rear view 2013 Audi A1 S Line black car rear 2013 Audi A1 S Line black car side 2013 Audi A1 S Line black car

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