2014 Renault Twizy Hatchback Review

Fun to drive around town and quite attention grabbing. Very affordable as well, especially for an electric car. Very limited speed and range. There is no protection from the elements and the Twizy lacks security features, space and equipment.

The electric motor produces 17bhp but since the car only weighs 474kg, this is enough to make it quite zippy. Top speed is about 50mph.

The ride is too firm to perform as you would expect and the tyres do not have a very strong grip. It has a tight turning circle but no power steering so it can be a challenge to park. Body lean is controlled well but makes bad road surfaces seem worse.

Even with doors, there are no windows on the side. Rear passengers may find this creates an uncomfortable ride, especially when dealing with rain or wind. The whine of the electric motor is noticeable but not overly irritating and the narrow tyres help to reduce road noise.

With a cheap list price, all you will have to pay is a monthly lease fee for the battery but that means you will not have to purchase out of pocket for a new one. A full charge can be done for about  £1 of electricity and has a range of roughly 62 miles in between charges. It is exempt from the London Congestion Charge and from road tax.

The interior is weatherproof but not overly luxurious. Seats are constructed from plastic and even the floor can wipe clean. The parking brake feels flimsy but other fittings and fixtures seem solid. Since the battery is leased, reliability should not be a big concern.

Doors don’t lock if you have them but the handbrake does and it needs to be released by the key. It has an immobiliser and a steering column that will lock but only has an airbag for the driver.

You are seated in the middle of the vehicle and your sole passenger must sit directly behind you. Visibility is not great from the rear and comfort is not high priority in the Twizy. There is no height adjustment for the driver and both the steering column and the back of the seat are fixed.

There is basically no storage space but there are two little locking compartments. One is behind the rear seat and the other is on the dash. There is ample headroom, although the passenger in the rear will have to straddle the seat in the front.

All versions are very basic but the Colour trim gives you an added range of body wrap shades and colour for the interior. Technic and Colour models have rubber mats for the floor and the Technic also includes 13-inch alloy wheels.

2014 Renault Twizy Hatchback black 2014 Renault Twizy Hatchback driving wheel 2014 Renault Twizy Hatchback front view 2014 Renault Twizy Hatchback image 2014 Renault Twizy Hatchback side photo 2014 Renault Twizy Hatchback side view 2014 Renault Twizy Hatchback Renault Twizy Hatchback

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