Vortech surprised the demos with the preview of 2015 Ford Mustang prior to SEMA show

2015 Vortech Ford Mustang car tuning

Vortech has introduced the flapper of its show car prior to the SEMA show, about to happen in Las Vegas Convention Centre. There will be several uplifts outside and inside in company’s show car, but the showstopper of the occasion would be the V3 Si supercharger and self lubricated, which would be swathed to the V8 engine of 5.0 liter capacity. In the mildest form Ford’s mill will out-turn 435hp and torque of 400 lb-ft; but with the assistance of Vortech V-3 Si turbocharger, it will turn to 640hp and 485 lb-ft of torque, with mere boost squeeze of 7.5 to 8.5 pounds per square inch. The supercharger V-3 Si is self lubricated and it has system of dual gate mounting which allows easy installation, and this supercharger act as air-to-air intercooler for more power.

Some of the prime feature of the show car will be coilover suspension setup, maganflow exhaust, Baer Brake system, 20-inch forgestar wheels, and front lip spoiler with 3D carbon etc. This car will certainly able to blow away the senses of demos, with its miraculous looks and scintillating on-road performance.  Vortech will also add some useful and appealing upgrades in its Ford Mustang 2015, like competition air inlet assembly, fuel pump voltage booster, eight-rib supercharger drive assembly. With them the tuner kit will produce 775hp, while they can produce more if they upgraded to V-7 JT supercharger or the V-7 Si supercharger, which will assist in producing 1000hp to 1200hp.

Ford Mustang 2015 will definitely drag folks towards it, because it has all the credentials, which a super car should carry along. You can feel the sheer class comfort and ecstasy inside; exterior looks immensely convincing as well. It is clearly sensed form the snap, that it has a charismatic orange color finish, with a stylish and strong grille upfront. This car is made to rev hard, as it is geared up with power-packed engine backup, which is ready to serve you with the best of the best on road experience. Enjoy the upcoming SEMA show, with sense, of numerous exciting machines yet to come.

2015 Vortech Ford Mustang car engine

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