Accident. It is at least unpleasant. Let’s understand what factors can provoke accidents?

– Carelessness. Unfortunately, this human trait in many cases is inexcusable both for the driver and for the pedestrian. A moment can turn a situation outcome. Any oversight leads to disaster.

– Experience. The driver’s experience allows to feel more comfortable on the road. Ease in steering, quick reaction in emergency situations. These are the skills received over time. The lack of experience in turn demands the increased concentration on the road.

– Fatigue. Fatigue directly influences the concentration of the driver on the road. It is sometimes physically difficult to overcome sleep. Especially dangerous time is considered from 11pm to 7am for the driver.

– Speed. The car speed increased from 70 to 100 km/h increases risk of emergence of road accident twice. It is more difficult to operate the vehicle at a high speed and the reaction of the driver to the events has to be really quick. The higher the speed is, the more serious are theconsequences. However reduction of speed influences the number of accidents also negatively, as well as increase. Not for nothing in many countries there is a speed limit. The lower limit is about 15-20 km/h in city conditions.

– Aggression. Irascibility, ignorance, rage create a critical unsafe situation on the road. The aggressive, selfish or impudent behavior provokes road incidents.

– Weather. The rain, snow, dirt and other gifts of the nature complicate the movement of cars on roads. Quite often they are responsible for troubles on roads. To behave twice more carefully under bad weather conditions is a vital need of the driver. Thebestoptionistorefuse a trip.

Fortunately, sometimes accident is not only a grief (at least, NOT ONLY), but also laughter for all people around as they are so ridiculous that it becomes a hit! Below we assembled a selection of the most ridiculous accidents for you.

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