One year and 100k cars sold of Mercedes Benz S class

It’s just been a year since the launch of advanced Mercedes Benz S class, version W222, the successor of version W221 and it has already recorded sales of more than a hundred thousand units worldwide. This is the record high sale of any Mercedes S class generation car for a full year being on the market. The result has never been such high. The arrival of the new S class models like the S class coupe, a future convertible and along wheelbase models in Maybach and Pullman versions the record will see a further soar in the per unit sales of the car.

The rate of sales ceases to slow down yet with the car generating a sale of 75,391 S classes which is twice the number the sales generated last year in the same interlude of time which equals to an exact percentage of 105.8. Although the W222 has generated quite a lot of sales but if has to become the most favorite S class of all time it will have to rack up at least 500,000 more sales, which the previous S classes managed to gather within their time in the market.

Still in its nascent year, the Mercedes S class has launched two of its versions; a diesel model and a petrol model both of the models encompass fuel efficiency and upto 20 percent lower fuel consumption.

The Mercedes S class encompasses of the biggest market in china with one out of two S classes ending up there, which is 50 percent of the entire the S classes sold up till now. The Chinese not only boasts of having the most S class buyers but also having the youngest S class buyers. The majority of the Chinese customers of the S class buyers are in their premature 40s! While in the US the standard age of the S class customers is 15 years older. Another fact about the S class is that the 35 percent of all the vehicles sold had been ordered as chauffeur driven vehicles. The next big market of the S class is the US, where there is high number of people as DINKS (double income no kids), and people having a lot of disposable money.

2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S550 car fo sale front2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S550 car fo sale interior

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