Grab your new and tempting Lotus in UK

Finally good news has come, from Headquarters of Lotus in Hethel, UK, and the news is that, the company is proposing UK delivery on all its cars, to customers in any market. It will also offer two astonishing and spectacular customer cognizance, one is “Handmade in Hethel plus with track time”. and the next one is “handmade in Hethel” In both the options, the customers would get benefited, with the tour of the production unit, where the Lotus is being produced since the year 1967, and also an advantageous trip to the Lotus Classic team, and witness some of its legendary sports cars.

It is the stead, where the designing, building and developing, of some unparalleled handmade cars, which are the gem of creation for sure, for near about 50 years, of excellence; and the motive, to endow a production unit trip to our customers is that they may grab the vital information regarding the car, and collect their new one straight from us.

In the first offering the customers get benefited, with arrival at the Lotus and refreshments to energize, then the tour to the factory and delivery of the new car at the end; customers also get benefited, with snaps of the event and signed owner’s booklet. The package also includes the Colin Chapman signed Lotus print, car cover and trickle charger for battery, and the cost of this package is $1326. Second pack is almost identical to the first one; except the addition of time with instructor on test track, and the cost of this package is $1591.

This innovative step can certainly uplift the number of proposed customers, as they can know more deeply about the class and dedicated approach, of its makers, while manufacturing the cars; and in addition customers would also get overwhelmed, by the warm welcome at the factory unit. You can grab these handmade beauties, which are ready, to endow you the prime class speedy performance on roads every single time. You will get amazed not only by its exteriors, but with its sporty interiors as well, which are designed to provide you top notch comfort always.

2015 Lotus sports car uk front2015 Lotus sports car uk side2015 Lotus sports car uk rear

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