Debuting at 2014 L.A auto show: the new all wheel drive Jaguar F-Type

The British multinational car manufacturing agency has come up with a posh all wheel drive that is sure to take your breath away. The drop dead gorgeous Jaguar is already available in many versions but still it has a long way to go in expanding its sports range which is still incomplete. The designs and strategy mimics have been used by Porsche for their model 911; the Mercedes AMG also plans to follow the strategy for its new GT sports car. So there is a debate in what more F Type versions can we expect from the new Jaguar in the near future. It is expected that the car will get the same treatment as that of the SVR. It is also touted that it will also be available in the entry level four cylinder model later on but for now on it is available in the all wheel drive for those who are eagerly waiting for this baby to hit the roads. This all wheel drive has already hit the roads in The United Kingdom sporting an AWD badges on their trunk lids, and if the news from the CAR is to be believed we will be able to take a look at the new variants formally introduced at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show next month.

The jaguar F Type has given an edge to the British automaker because the all wheel drive has provided a direct rival to the Porsche all paw 911, the all wheel drive from the house of Porsche. The all wheel drive is a popular option with the maximum amount of buyers located in the northern state of the United States; therefore the launch of the F Type is touted to boost sales according to the trade pundits.

Along overdue manual option of the F Type is one of the planned upgrades of the British car manufacturing company. A new F Type R convertible is also just around the corner in ssorder to be launched, which is supposed to take the company among the most desired among the luxury sports car range.

All wheel drive Jaguar F-Type car

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