Airbag issue compelled the Chrysler to call off Durango and Grand Cherokee

Airbag is one of the most significant safety features in any car, as it is more than capable to protect you from lethal injuries due to accidents, or any other identical situation while travelling in the car. So, if there is any fault in the airbag component, then it can be extremely problematic; similar kind of situation has come in the Durango and Grand Cherokee, made by Chrysler, this is why it is recalling 184215 Durango and Grand Cherokee, as both these variants contain faulty airbag factor.

Chrysler stated that the internal electrical short circuits can disable the occupant restraint control module that will make the sobriety warning lights and airbags illuminate, it means seatbelt pretensioner and other systems may be disabled. Numbers of SUVs recalled are 8000 in Canada, 126000 in US, 45000 more outside North America and 3700 in Mexico.

Component creator Bosch has sent a letter to NHTSA regarding part identical to the recalled one in Ford Vehicles was also used in few of Chrysler variants, though except the airbag issue, this car has all the required attributes like superb looks, adequate space and absorbing colors all in all. If you look at the Dodge Durango, then its exterior is extremely tempting, and front is geared up with strong and stylish front grille, with silver edging. Its bid wheels, endow it a sustainable grip on roads, either at highway speeds or inside the city. Interior is equally exquisite, as it has made with uttermost elegance. Steering wheel and driving seat both are fixed at ideal height and reach, which will be comfortable for almost every folk, if you look at the dashboard then you will sense that it is quite smartly designed, with easy to operate control functions.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is also quite convenient and spacious, and if you look at the boot space, then you will find a good place for luggage for sure. This car comes with all the charismatic features, which you would like to, have in your dreamed SUV. You also get benefited with the sun roof, ideally located steering wheel and driving seat etc.

2014 Dodge Durango airbag issues 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee airbag issues

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