A ravishing choice: U.S. – market Volkswagen e-Golf

This fascinating car can be the right option for you, as it is geared up, with all the essential attributes, which you wish to have in your car, though the sales are not open till next month, but if you are willing to be the very first person to own this in U.S. then you can place your bid in an auction conducted by Volkswagen itself, for the sake of a noble cause, and the proceeds from such first retail example of e-Golf will go to Global Green USA., which is a N.P.O. working to develop the solutions and projects, for unusual change in climate.

This car would go on sale in the November 2014, but not covering every single state straight away. A the time of launch dealer in New Jersey, NY, Oregon, Vermont, Rhode Island etc will offer this car. Launch is this electric car is immensely special, because its auction will not only raise funds but it will also create the needed awareness among people regarding the significance of Global Green USA. This auction is directly open for the public now, to support this noble effort and be the proud owner of this spectacular electric car in U.S.

Estimated value for the first e-Golf listed by auction is $35,445; and with destination charges e-Golf has the price $36,265. Targeting at the BMW i3, the e-Golf is enriched with an electric motor, which produces 115hp and torque of 199 lb-ft. There is a single speed gearbox, which endow power, to the front wheels. The 700lb 24.2kwh lithium-ion battery, which is located beneath the cargo compartment backside, and this battery is made of 264 single cells, and I generates 232 volts. You can go 70 to 90 miles, once the battery gets fully charged; it is stated by the makers, but results may vary due to style of driving, speed etc. You can go for this car for sure as it is not only environment friendly, but it is also more than capable, to endow you the needed comfort and luxury altogether. So, get ready to avail the new experience, of riding the very first electric car, from the house of Volkswagen.

2014 Volkswagen e-Golf car photo 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf car 1 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf car 2 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf car 3

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