2015 Lexus NX at just $35,405

The all new Lexus NX which goes on the shelves just next month is priced at a starting range of $35,405 which includes additional shipping charges of $925. 200t is the price tag for the entry level NX which is a hybrid model. The NX 300h, a hybrid model available only for the US customers is priced at $40,645 which also includes the destination charges.

The arrival of the NX is in 2015 model which has its own share of competitors like the Acura RDX X3and Infiniti QX50 which are priced $39,825 and $35,995 respectively making them a pricier affair.

It is advisable that you also take a look at the German counterparts while checking out the NX 300h model , where there is plethora of options available such as the BMW X3 PRICED AT $39,325 and the Audi Q5 priced at $39,825. The uniqueness of Lexus derives from the fact that it is a hybrid car for those buyers looking for low consumption of fuel, the Germans are ready to offer low fuel consumption diesel engines.

The NX 200t is a turbocharged vehicle that comes being geared up with a 2.0-litre four cylinder engine that delivers a whooping 235 hp and 258 pond-feet of torque thus delivering a high class performance for speed lovers all around the globe. The engine can be easily paired with six speed automatic drive at the front wheel or at all four wheels.

The NX 300h’s boasts of having a power train combination 2.5-liter four cylinder engine running an Atkinson cycle helps to run the 2.5 liters four cylinder locomotives combined with an electric motor. It comes with a choice of front or all four wheel drive and with a peak output of 194 horsepower.

This car is an all new driving experience for the speed fanatics and is a clear meeting point of sports and luxury making it a coveted experience.

2015 Lexus NX silver car photo 2015 Lexus NX silver car rear 2015 Lexus NX silver car side 2015 Lexus NX silver car2015 Lexus NX silver car interior dashboard

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