Everybody knows that Grid Girls can decorate even the most ordinary race.

Girls who act on a starting lattice in a car competitions are called as grid girls. Also people call them: pit babes, race queens, pretties, racing models (an interesting nickname) and even umbrella girls!

It has a rumor that the first grid girl was RozaOgavawho  appeared on an auto racing to greet the winners in the late sixties.

The audience having been lost in contemplation of these smart beauties often ask a question: how aren’t they confused about where each of them should stay? Everything is thought over in advance. Organizers, knowing the results of qualification, prepare starting numbers in the necessary sequence. Therefore grid girls passing by the prepared plates in turn take them and come to autodrome asphalt.

The girl with the number of the owner of a poll stands on the first cage of a starting field, the others disperse out of operation in the sequence as they left. When the car takes its place, grid-girl turns in the direction of travel and fades in such look till five-minute readiness won’t be announced. On this signal all personnel are obliged to leave the place of start.

Girls have a complex work though it doesn’t seem like that at first. Nevertheless, both during a heat and cold they have to keep a smile upon the face and to be charming. They should rise on a podium to help with the delivery of prize-winning cups after the race and to stand behind backs of pilots in time of the autograph sessions which are during breaks break.

Cars and girls, girls and cars – what combination can be finer? We prepared for you a set of photos of the most beautiful grid girls

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