Roman Abramovich Car Collection

Roman Abramovich is one of the richest person in the world. The number of his houses, villas, yachts, jets and hellicopters are beyond normal human being imagination.And if we add to all this his car collection, our minds are probably would blow. We have gathered the most interesting vechicles of the billionaire, including the last ones.
The thing is that Abramovich has shown to the public exclusive automobiles from his collection. The automobiles were delivered to track of the famous sports track “Nürburgring” (Germany) at the invitation of businessman Victor Haritonin track owner. Among the supercars there were 750-horsepower hypercar Pagani Zonda R, which at a cost of about $ 3 million released edition of just 15 pieces, as well as a rare Ferrari FXX. Similar car belonged to seven-time world champion, “Formula 1” Michael Schumacher. It is the most favorite car of Abramovich.


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