Finns started to eat crickets

About the facts that in the near future, animals and plants will not be enough for all people, and they will turn into expensive delicacies, people say for a long time. However, there is an alternative – insects. They are full on the planet, they have a lot of protein, and the different taste can be imitated. That’s why startups appear offering sausage from worms, then milled bugs instead of flour. That’s up to Finland got the know-how recipes – bread with the addition of dried crickets. A few days ago a Fazer factory started manufacturing. According to the manufacturer, about 70 crickets leave for one loaf, which they grind and add to the dough. According to local media, the counters of Finnish stores, where cricket bread first appeared, were emptied instantly. This is despite the fact that the loaf costs about 4 Euro… (read more)


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