Fiat Punto Hatchback Review

This car is small in size, but way above average in style and in the contents of its interior. You can never buy a perfect car, but this one comes close to it, especially if you enjoy this bright, shiny little machine with classic red duco. The Fiat Punto is slightly larger than other hatchbacks, and this is reflected in the higher C02 emissions level, which rates at 90-132g per km.

However, all is not lost as this auto is rated as an all-time favourite, with its super-deluxe driver’s cabin scoring extra-high marks. All the seating is spacious, in the back and front of the car. It will support your body well, as it is nicely cushioned and padded. You can travel from any of the back counties to London in this sporty auto, and if the traffic is not too congested, you can drive back again, all within one day. Such is the power and comfort of the Fiat Punto.  You can operate your phone through the Satnav system and stay in touch while you’re driving. This way you can always feel close to distant friends, and you’ll never feel lost, no matter how far out in the countryside you may have driven. The 5-door top-of-the-range model is the best workhorse of the bunch, for all your daily trips. As you continue to zoom on throughout the night, this swift machine doubles as your best party-car, because of its built-in, powerful fog lights. Remember though to drive safely after dark, whatever your destination. You can drive on a full fuel-tank for up to 80 mpg in these top-standard cars, and isn’t that a blast? Curtain and front seat airbags, and electrically controlled front windows keep you feeling safe and secure.

Those who have test driven this car give it the high score of 4 out of 5. This is the way they express their confidence and respect for the Fiat Punto Hatchback. You’re sure to feel the same way as you experience a top speed of 107 mph, and make a speedy getaway from a stand-still start at an enviable 0-60 mp in just 13.1 seconds.  The overall verdict on this car is “Buy one soon.” Whatever terrain you are driving in from flat to hilly and mountainous; the Punto makes it easier for you in every way. The engines are powerful, the interior is lush, and the best way to describe this car is simply decent and cost-effective. There is nothing that will upset or alarm you with this terrific little auto, and there’s no other car you’d rather be driving. You’ll be a happy driver in your Fiat Punto, and perhaps a happier driver than you’ve ever been before.

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