Best Racing Games Ever

Not so long ago the game industry has appeared for all the existing platforms. This time we will touch racing games, and not just mobile, but also large grade. What are the difficulties faced by developers during their creation? On what tricks they have to go? This is what we try to tell, but as an example, take a series of Forza, because, according to many, the best race of the year was just 3 Forza Horizon. It will be included in the list as well.

The first and perhaps the most important point, which is to stop is physics. After all, it depends on it, the players will have the pleasure of driving the car, and from the races themselves as a whole. And here, it’s no wonder the developers do their best to achieve that. They set up over the years dozens of parts, from the angle of the rudder to the brake balance and behavior of the suspension to the weight displacement during braking, acceleration and cornering felt as much as possible present.

Now, basing on this criteria we have prepared the list of the best 10 computer games in racingĀ genre.


10th place – Blur

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