Researchers believe that part of North America was once connected to Australia.

This important discovery was made by scientists from the University of Curtain. In their report on the work done, they cited facts indicating that more than 1.5 billion years ago, America and Australia were connected by their northern parts. According to the analysis of rock, it became clear that the city of Georgetown was part of America, but when the continents moved away, they collided with the Mount-Iza region, which is located in Australia. This once again proves that many centuries ago all continents were joined together and called Nuna. Later, when Nune broke up the North American section, she stayed with Australia. Therefore, when people measure the natural conditions and the territory they occupy, it looks stupid. We are all part of a single universe. We look at photos of once related cities!… (read more)


Картинки по запросу северная америка вид из космоса



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