It happened at the beauty contest in the USA! What did the Muslim woman?

At the beauty contest in the US for the first time, a Muslim woman came out in traditional clothes.
At the Miss Minnesota-2016 contest, one of the participants wore only Muslim clothes. Even instead of the usual bikini, 19-year-old Halima Aiden put on a completely closed bathing suit of burkini. In the photo of the dazzling beauty, the Somali woman, who lives most of her life in the USA, is true to the traditions of her people and suggests that she should better recognize her and  nother clothes.





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    МАМА ЗАКРЫЛА МЕНЯ СОБОЙ И УМЕРЛА Настя Щевелева чудом осталась жива, попав под обстрел артиллерии ВСУ в Донецке. Ее мама закрыла дочь своим телом и погибла. Настя перенесла несколько операций, два осколка из 12-ти до сих пор находятся в теле.


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