Bare secrets of 10 stars whose intimate pictures were stolen by hackers

There is another scandal with intimate photos in Hollywood. Malicious hackers have stolen hundreds of photos from mobile phones of actresses Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried. Hackers stole footage from the cloud services of the stars and merged them into the Internet. The photos and videos appearing on the network are so frank that Hollywood beauties are burned with shame when they thought that millions of users of the network are enjoying their private pictures now. Emma Watson’s lawyers have already stated that she is preparing to sue cybercriminals. The actress hopes that the intruders will be figured out and caught especially since there were precedents. Hackers are not the first time hacking mobile phones of the stars and download piquant photos of a personal nature. Someone from the networks bullies is caught, but someone still remains unrecognized. Let’s remember which celebrities were the victims of hackers… (read more)



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