Does slamming on your brakes is the reason of gas waste?

Rampant driving

Aggressive driving is one of the big reasons of gas waste, it is stated by the US Department of Energy, and it also stated that it can reduce the mileage of gas by 33% at highway speeds and 5% inside the city. Unnecessarily thwacking the breaks clearly shows, that you are driving quite rampantly, this rapid loss of momentum, results in increased fuel burn to regain the speed, which is not good by any means. Aggressive driving may not only harm you, but the other people on the road as well, so be cautious.

Feature of cruise control

Drastic braking styles, that submerse a cruising car beneath its cruise control gateway, near around 25mph, need the manual acceleration to get above that speed mark.

State of the vehicle

Condition of the vehicle largely affects its mileage, condition of the filters and engine oil, braking system etc. In bad condition slamming the brakes affect the gas leakage, and therefore allover vehicle performance becomes pitiable by all means.

Distracted driving is the another reason of gas leakage, because these days people prefer to use electronic devices, for amusement while driving, which distract their attention from roads, this is why they are unable, to have the sustainable look at the road scenario, so that they may accelerate or slow down as per the situation; in absence of proper driving, harsh braking, unnecessary speed ups take place, which cause the immense gas waste.

If you are committed, to save the gas waste, then you have to follow certain driving measure, which will not only uplift the performance of your vehicle but will make it a horse of long run. So now on, use the brakes gently and when needed, and similarly speed up only when, you find it extremely urgent. Remember one thing always, that your harsh driving can harm someone quite badly, so be attentive while driving, and try to avoid using the gadgets while driving, this is for the good sake of you and the performance of your vehicle. Always maintain the good condition of your vehicle, in order to receive the maintained fuel efficiency and good on-road performance.

Car slamming on the breaks

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  1. Skip Whaley

    I have a few gas saving tips. Fuel Economy is not all about driving slow,in fact driving too slow can actually reduce your MPG.Also higher speeds can actually INCREASE your MPG.I’m talking about legal speeds not 120 MPH,which is why driving at Freeway speeds,such as on a road trip can give you the best fuel economy.Smooth and steady is the secret with your engine producing RPM’s that require the engine to work at it’s peak performance and that means with minimum load.Never “Lug” your engine,that is drive in a higher gear that causes your vehicle to lose it’s performance.You should always be in a gear where if you have to “get on the gas” your vehicle will “get up & go”.Pick a speed and STAY THERE! Speeding up & slowing down all the time will KILL your milage.Never tow anything while in overdrive! Not only will you be paying for fuel,you may also be paying for a new transmission at some point.Keep your tires properly inflated.Low tires cause bad fuel mileage and are a leading cause of blowouts.Running your “AC” can significantly reduce mileage.Keep your vehicle tuned properly and don’t forget to change the oil! Using full synthetic oil rather than Conventional Oil can increase mileage up to 5 mpg,especially if used throughout the drive train.City driving is hardest on mileage,motor oil & brakes,so if you have to go across town try to take a freeway or expressway.Finally I’d like to share something my Grandmother taught me some 60 years ago.Whenever we would go “downtown” to shop at Woolworths & Payless & montgomery Wards of course,she would keep her old 34′ Buick at a steady 25 MPH,(the speed limit)and she would point out that at every intersection we were seeing the same cars stopped waiting for the light to turn green.Well we almost NEVER had to stop at one because we were doing the speed limit!These other cars would speed off when the light turned green and then wait at the red light at the next intersection until it turned green!Sometimes we would pass the same car or cars several times as we sailed through the intersection without so much as tapping the brake pedal.MORAL? I f you drive like my Granny you’ll get good mileage and probably get there first!


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