2014 Volvo S80 Saloon Review

You have the option to choose one among the 3 petrol engines which includes turbocharged 2.5 and 3.0 T6 which comes in single wheel drive. Among these the diesel car is incredible and makes much sense. The D5 and D3 runs smoother however the D5 is quite rasping and raucous. The 1.6 litre diesel engine moves smoother however it remains a bit slow.
The handles are just perfect and the grip remains firm and good. However the steering on these car versions remains little obscured. It might be little strung-up or becomes jittery when travelling at low speed. Even in poor roads, the performance and management remains quite jittery however the vehicle remains very smooth in the motorway travel as well.
The cabin is just good and remains passive when travelling in the motorway. The wind noise and road noise will disturb the riders as well. The petrol car remains prefect and is quite easy to ears as well.
S80 remains competitive in its pricing and remember the depreciation is quite huge when compared to the other German contenders. It is very glad that the maintenance cost is very negligible. The service intervals are pretty longer for 2 years time or it is enough to service it after every 18000 miles.
The cabin merely shows its age, while it could never near the stunning BMW and AUDI A6. However it remains firm and solid as well. It ensures complete customer satisfaction and also ensures ultimate class of executive grade!
It is just stable and gives perfect control! It comes with 6 airbag and anti whiplash restraints. The sensors merely warn the vehicle while it moves in the blind spot. It helps in maintaining the distance from the car as well.
Drivers will experience the comfort zone, as the seat and the steering wheel come with friendly adjustment. The easy gear switchover is easy to handle and it could be laid out comfortably. However the sensus infotainment system present within is not really instinctive.
The car is quite big and the seats are just comfortable whereby it could adopt 4 people easily. The boot space is just liberal and the back seats could be folded and split. This would be really helpful when carrying larger loads.
The climate controller, MP3 stereo, xenon highlights, parking sensors at the rear, SE Lux adds are some of the equipments which adds value to the car.
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