2014 Volkswagen Sharan Review

Sharan comes with two turbocharged petrol engines. 138 bhp and 168 bhp 2.0 litre diesels are much better as it gives extra mid range muscles. It comes with an automatic gearbox and an option across the rest of the range.
In the Adaptive Chassis control you can select three suspension settings. It gives a striking good balance between comfort and control in the normal setting. It has an accurate steering further adding up to the appeal. But its large size can make it difficult manoeuvre in traffic.
You will hear some wind noise at motorway speeds but the diesel engine is hushed, silent and smooth all the times. You won’t hear much road noise unless the surface is rough. Fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission is low.
It costs same as the equivalent version of Ford Galaxy. The fuel economy is average and carbon dioxide emission is also very competitive. It will hold a good value for three years.
The dashboard is a classy one with soft touch plastics but as you move back to the car, materials get harder. The car gives a solid look and the reliability record is good too.
Safety and security is extremely good and comes with a stability control, seven airbags, a tyre pressure monitoring system, a driver’s knee bag and curtain airbags too running across the length of the cabin. It comes equipped with deadlocks and alarms.
Sharan has a small front quarterlight window making your view through the corners better. The driving position is elevated and you can adjust seats and steering wheel to be comfortable. There are numerous cubbies too.
Sharan comes with lot of spaces for seven. You will find it easy to get kids in out in stuffed parking spaces due to its sliding rear door. You can fold the five rear seat flat. The boot is large and there is a good amount of space for luggage where all the seats are upright. It is difficult to fold the third rear seat flat.
The entry level comes with front and rear electric windows, 8 speaker stereo and a climate control system. To get Bluetooth connectivity, alloy wheels and steering wheel mounted stereo controls you need to upgrade it. You can also add a panoramic sunroof, cruise control and a CD changer.
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