2014 Volkswagen Phaeton Saloon Review

Phaeton Saloon is designed with a single design 236bhp 3.0 V6 TDI diesel engine! It ensures very less running cost, assured performance, powerful execution, auto transmission are some of the valuable additions.
The air sprung suspension is quite adjustable matching the ride height and body firmness, however it fails to ride like the latest competitors. The body control is just neat and attractive particularly the car size is simply impressive. The steering remains speed sensitive and it is unnervingly numb.
The refinement of Phaeton is just good and remains very quiet as well. The diesel engine however produces little noise while it is kept pressed. A slight wind noise intrudes however it is not really disturbing.
It costs huge money for serving this car and even both the units are tagged with huge car tax rates. Besides this, the depreciation will be too bad since there is no strong resale value. The reason is that, this badge of Volkswagen is not the sought after car in the market.
You can find many wood and leather designs within the cabin and the gear switch over is not that great when compared to its competitors. The Phaeton in the car is just very impressive and good looking. The reliability is rated 2 star out of 5, which entails being good than great.
It comes with side and front airbags and as well the curtain airbags too. It gives complete protection even to the passengers sitting at the back. The power breaks are extremely good and it comes along with the essential drivers aids.
The cabin is adjustable and the seats are very spacious enough too. The steering is very comfortable to handle and you can rotate them in all angles that ensures perfect and safe driving as well. The intense addition of the gadgets would be quite perturbing.
Like the other rich A-grade cars, the Phaeton from Volkswagen is very spacious. The cabin looks very huge and wide and moreover the luggage space is just too big that can accommodate your bags and trolleys better. However the rear seat is not that comfortable and good when compared to its competitors.
You will receive all the basic equipments that is essential for the car. Some of the additional attractions when getting this car will include the climate control, heated front seats, digital radio, sat nav, leather upholstery and many more.
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