2014 Volkswagen Passat Saloon Review

It comes with 3 turbocharged powerful petrol engines. It remains ultimately flexible and they come with 2 significant units such as the 138 or 168bhp. The 6 speed manual and the DSG gearboxes are easier to handle and remains very strong as well.
Passat is always exceptional in its motorway ride, whereby you could happily sit and enjoy your ride. It remains very commanding to drive anywhere and the steering remains light to handle. It comes with little bumps and the steering gives a good feedback as well. The body control remains very perfect and tight however the adaptive chassis system adds an extra grade to the car.
The Passat engine remains very sensible and smooth, whereby the 4 cylinder petrol units are comfortable to ride over. The road noise is intruded while ridding at speed and even wind noise would popup at times. The side windows are just laminated and the cabin remains very serene as well.
The Passat from Volkswagen is just huge when compared to the competitors and it comes with standard kit. This car comes with grand discounts however they are not really generous for those big name cars. The resale value remains more than average whereby the contract rates are even good indeed.
The reputation and pride that Volkswagen owns is just splendid and the Passat lives up to the expectation. It remains very appealing and the gear switchover functions with exact action. The hard plastic in the dash slides down a little. Passat has scored above average star rating and it is known for its credibly and value too.
Passat from Volkswagen has scored the 5 star rating at the NCAP Euro crash test. Every model comes with complete electronic system which could avoid crashes as well. Like every other car models, this car never comes with the driver knee bag.
The seats are just wider and the wheeling adjustments are very comfortable. The front seats are much comfortable which comes with the side support. The logical controller and it remains very clear as well. The parking brake controller, system starter are just an extensive addition.
Passat will never match Mondeo when it comes to the interior spacing. The spacing remains just huge. The shoulder room, leg space, headroom is just ample in its spacing however the tunnel is slightly uncomfortable to person sitting in the middle.
The alloy wheels, air conditioning, USB port, Bluetooth and electric windows are the perfect addition. It is good enough to upgrade the sat nav, highline trim, auto headlights, cruise controls, climate controller and wipers.
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