2014 Volkswagen Passat Estate Review

A super live 120bhp with 1.4 TSI, a 158bhp with 1.8 TSI and last but not the least 208with 2.0 TDI. These are the three turbocharge petrol engines. In diesel, 104bhp with 1.6 TDI is available is present at the entry level that is quite impressive and flexible. Two other more powerful are also present of 2.0 TDI units with either 168 or 138.
The Passat will give its best performance in the motorway but it’s not worthy to drive everywhere else as the steering is light and appears artificial and the poor suspense and body control might suffer you. Additional adaptive chassis control system can surely be a nice solution of this problem.
The diesel engine of Passat is quite and smooth but the petrol ones are pleasing for ears unless they are worked hard.  One can experience the wind noises and road noise. Even the Altrack model doesn’t perform well when it comes to refinement.
In comparison to the rivals Passat is more expensive. But the Altrack model is cheaper than other SUVs. You can easy get a decent discount along with an above average resale value.
Volkswagen has earned good name in the market for its quality and the Passat have lived that up. Quite an appealing look along with the precise switchgear operation but the dashboard is composed of the hard plastic. Passat got an above average position in the JD Power survey.
Volkswagen Passat estate is well capable of providing you maximum capability. It has a comprehensive set of electronic systems that will help you a lot in in getting rid of the crashes. It lacks driver knee airbags but provided with front head restraints. although the keyless entry and starting are kept optional but the key of the dashboard will provide you high quality theft resistance
To provide maximum comfort highly adjustable steering and seats are provided but front seat lacks side support. It is provided with a nice logical and clear control system but still some drivers found that fiddly.
Interiors are huge but not impressive. The boot is ideal and can easy accommodate your family luggage.
At entry level, S trim you can get the general equipment like USB slot AC etc but can be upgraded to highline trim and sport one to add some extras.
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