2014 Volkswagen CC Saloon Review

Although the 158bhp 1.8 TSI provides a nice crispy and eager delivery, but your Volkswagen CC is when turned to 207bhp 2.0 then the performance becomes exclusively sporty. 138bhp TDI diesel is the best seller because of its breath taking power packed performance which is shared by the 168bhp TDI.
CC provides you a secure and safe handling along with the swift turn at bends. The steering feels slightly unnatural. It will provide you a comfy ride in the motorways but at urban patched roads you may feel a bit unsettled.
Both the diesel and petrol ones are quite calm and smooth but it’s quite unfortunate that the suspension gets vocal at bumpy roads. Wind noises may also build up from sides.
CC appears a bit pricier than its competitors but it holds a higher value too. It has become the wisest choice for company car with its low fuel consumption and emission.
Look wise this car is just superb. The cabin is having the excellent fit and finish keeping pace with its price. Also the reliability records of CC are up to the customer’s expectation.
Various standard safety options are present in this car like the traffic sign detection, drowsiness monitor, blind spot monitor, high bean assist and emergency brake system etc.
The dashboard is quite simple, similar to the Passat’s layout. Excellent driving position to provide the efficient working environment to the driver. But the front seats are slightly smaller. The front and rear visibility can be made more clear.
In terms of space the CC is overruled by the Passat as it appears slightly coup. If the passengers are taller, they might experience their head grazing in the ceiling of the back. Even though the spacing in the elbow and leg room is quite spacious and good to provide comfort. Boot is of good length and the in-cabin oddments storage area is also nice along with a split foldable rear backrest.
GT and standard trims are available but CC comes fitted with adequate equipment in its basic form like a DAB radio, a sport suspension, dual-zone climate control etc. the GT pack comes with ample of electronic adjustments like bigger alloy wheels, heated front seats, cruise control, electronically adjustable suspension and parking sensors etc.
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