2014 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi MPV Review

Driving seat is comfortable and elevated, to bestow you better view of the road while driving, but the rear visibility is not that much soothing albeit. Dashboard does not look catchy and appealing; it gives the feel of Multi Purpose Vehicle, rather than mere van.
Caddy is designed big, but not with the needed smartness, because removing the third row of seats, for preparing extra boot space, is really a hard nut to crack. The middle row of seats can be folded forward, when needed. This car can carry seven average demos quite efficiently though.
This car comes in one variant, which comes with music player, electric front windows, AC and 7 seats. You can upgrade the features as per your requirement, by incurring some extra cost for them. But the price you pay, to buy this car, you will certainly expect some features, to get fixed as standard in it.
IN the petrol variant you will get the 2.0 liter petrol engine, which can also run on CNG, and it can be economical for you. If you are willing to grab the diesel variant, then you have varieties to choose from. You can pick 1.6 liter 101bhp turbo-diesel, or from 2.0 liter 108bhp and 2.0 liter 138bhp as the way you wish. These diesel engines are definitely the speedy customers on roads, and endow you the extreme performance always.
Your ride in this car can get spurt a bit, but not uncomfortably by any means. This car deals with spheroidal nooks well. Shrugs are quite well stifled during the ride. Steering is ideally weighted and well responding.
Engine slightly growls, and on the jumpy surfaces, seat belts spirt around the interior trim. Road noise is the other problem that should get refined, with uttermost priority, because it creates hurdles, in the way, of smooth driving.
Though the price of this car is on higher side, but it can be a good deal for you, but if you wish you can pick any other MPV at lower price. Dashboard fitted in it, is identical, to the dashboard of Touran. It comes with front and side air-bags, but there is absence of curtain air-bags. It gained four out of five stars, in the Euro NCAP crash test. Anti theft alarm with interior tow-away is fixed as standard inside.
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