2014 Volkswagen Beetle Hatchback Review

Dashboard of this car is inspired by its retro look; therefore you find it more drawn-out, than the other cars these days. If you are the admirer of retro look, then you can get it, with the same color dash board as the car, but you have to pay £2070 for such variant. The operation is completely modern and users friendly, because Volkswagen has fitted the trendy, modern switch panel and controls.
In beetle you will find only 4 seats altogether, front seats are capable enough, to bear the load of any size and weight people, but the rear seats are bit suffered, with protraction. Boot space is geared up with adequate space of 310 liters, which you can find in Golf, though the sloping boot-shroud creates uneasiness, while carrying taller objects.
Initial model comes in Design or Sport variants. In the Design variant you will get the DAB radio, Steering wheel enriched with numerous functions, Bluetooth telephone assist, alloy wheels, comfy seating arrangement, and matching dashboard with body color. In the extreme variant i.e. Sport you will get front and rear parking assist, larger alloy wheels, leather finish steering wheel and a mesmerizing dashboard made, with top class carbon-fiber.
In the petrol variants you will get the top most 2.0 liter TSI engine, which is festinant performer on roads always.  You can also look at the 1.2 liter 103bhp turbocharged engine; it can also be a good option, for you in petrol engines. Another option in petrol is 1.4 liter 158bhp, but you do notice some steps in power delivery, as it hemorrhoid on revs. In the diesel model you have two options, one is 1.6 liter 104bhp, and the other is 2.0 liter 138bhp muscular engine, which is a stunning performer by all means.
You can witness two different suspension setups in Beetles. In the top notch 2.0 TSI model the body oscillation is controlled quite efficiently. The steering is bit heavy and doggo to respond. Lower variants are not that much capable, to cope up well with the mid-corner bumps.
Wind noise generated due to frameless doors needs refinement. Turbo petrol engine produces a noise and roar. Manual gearbox is cogged, and therefore creates discomfort.
Remarkable looks and fuel efficient performance of Beetle can make you its admirer. For security there are six air bags and stability control system. For more assistance in security you get the deadlocks, alarm, marked parts and visible VIN etc. This car has received the five-star rating in the test of Euro NCAP.
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