Very Funny car Photo Set



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  1. Heartbeat City

    An Oscar Meyer Weinermobile is at the FORD Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. Does car # 10 run on Turtle Power? And look at #2 – rock, rock, ROCK LOBSTER!

  2. Home run! Great slgnuigg with that answer!

  3. Unca Alby

    A few months ago I saw someone had made up their car to look like a Star Wars X Wing fighter, complete with R2D2 sticking out.

  4. You have such a way with words, dear boy. I'll chalk that up as plausible. What's the film with Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth as a sort of Martin and Lewis double act? Interesting threesome scene in that where Firth gets ovier-nthuseastic, leading to Bacon shouting "Get your dick out of my ass" or similar. I caught it late one night on BBC1 and was agape. If anyone had told me I'd end my evening watching Colin Firth in a false moustache at precisely no degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon, I'd have laughed at them.


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