2014 Vauxhall Zafira MPV Review

The two petrol engines with which it comes with gives decent and good performance. The diesel comes with extra torque, worth the appreciation making it ideal for family ferry.
It handles very tidily and the body control is tight. It comes with a strong grip and direct steering giving you all the fun you desire. But it comes with a firm suspension making your ride a little harsh given the fact that it is a family oriented car.
This is an area where Zafira lags. You will hear lot of road and wind noises. The engine produces a far more grumbly noise which can ache your heads and ears. The diesel is a bit louder than petrol engines. The gearshift is also imprecise.
It does not come with exorbitant high prices and there are many discounts to grab for. Running costs is also low. The resale value is not too strong but reasonable enough. You will get a reassurance of a lifetime warranty in the car.
It does not come with a highly plush cabin; it is filled with a lot of dull and grey plastics. The materials are dependable and sturdy. Its mechanical reliability can be rated as average.
All the versions come with curtain airbags covering first and the second row. The twin front and side airbags further add up to the rating. It also comes with a stability control, deadlock and an immobiliser.
It comes with a two way adjustment for the steering wheel and the driver’s seat. So you will easily find a comfortable position for yourself. The dashboard is also clear except for some stereo controls which are confusing. Visibility is not very good too.
There is a plenty of space in the front side seat but the rear most seat is suitable only for children. The seats are not clever enough. You can fold the one piece rear bench in half and slid up against the front seatback. Zafira has a decent boot.
All models come equipped with an air conditioning, a remote central locking system, CD player and electric front windows. It has powered rear window, rain sensing wipers and a nice touch of alloys. All elite models have a leather upholstery an MP3 socket and a cruise control.
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