2014 Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer Review

You have assorted options to chose from, however the 158bhp diesel engines remain great in its pick-up. It efficiently pulls even at the low revs and it progresses better and faster gradually without any hick-up. However the 128bhp diesel engine is slightly restrained with the huge gearing and the 192bhp designed with turbo model remains good but the price goes much than the others.
This car could never cut through its competitors such as Mondeo from Ford. You could find the suspension and steering being weak and gutless while changing them. It remains perfect while riding on the motorway. Its body becomes quite shimmy when riding it on the city streets. You can experience the four wheel driving in some versions which could remain perfect to ride in the towns.
It intrudes little road noise when driving it on the rough and bumpy surfaces. Besides this, you can even hear the win noise travelling around when moving on the motorway. The diesel engine is not that great, as it wrecks the car. With all these factors, the 6 speed manual gearbox is appreciable.
The diesel engine ensures less carbon emissions, however you need to select the best edition that is reasonably priced. Every model has huge depreciation for the amount you pay for owning this car. Private buyers could even get better discounts from the dealers.
The Insignia is designed with the sculptural artistry that compiles the German precision. It doesn’t hold a good company record and moreover it scores a moderate rating amidst the customers.
It comes with 6 airbags along with the stability controller. This is quite sufficient for a family car. It never comes with the knee bag or the side airbag, which is really disappointing. Like the other competitors, this car has passed the NCAP crash test and moreover it scores 5 star rating.
The dashboard remains great in its look however the entire layout is very complex. You had to scroll down the menus over the digital screen for controlling the car. The wheel and steering could be adjusted better and the buttons are little tough to understand in a glance.
The boot space is quite shallow but not narrow when compared to its competitors. It would be easy enough to bump in the head and the rear bumper is quite hard and tricky.
It comes with power windows in the front, air con and cruise controllers too. This car misses the sat nav, Bluetooth and alloys.
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