2014 Vauxhall Insignia Saloon Review

Engines have a varied collection. The 158bhp diesel engine gives nice strength at low revs with no working up needed at high revs. The 128bhp diesel, however, works in contrast to the former engine. The 1.4-litre petrol engine is the best among the petrol engines.
Insignia is pretty much a failure in this section as compared to its competitors. The suspension and the steering create enough problems at turns and changing directions. Even the Sri suspension, supposed to be better, works the same. The car still is able to give a good ride on good roads but disappoints on bumpy and uneven roads.
The car is pretty noisy on uneven surfaces including wind noise at motorway speeds. The diesel engines make the car suffer more with clattery sounds and vibrations during accelerating.
The Ecoflex diesel cars are low in CO2 emissions. However, they are pretty high a prices with increased company car tax. The value is pretty much low but good amount of discounts are available in market.
The Insignia is a pretty-looking finely designed car with use of great-quality material. The dashboard is amazing-looking but is not simplistic. Many features are controlled on a digital screen making it hard to get to a function easily. The car lacks in visibility through the rear screen. A good amount of seat and steering wheel adjustments are available for better comfort.
The car provides with basic six airbags but doesn’t give rear side and driver’s knee airbags. The car has undoubtedly scored a five-star rating in Euro NCAP car crash test.
Vauxhall Insignia looks pretty spacious from outside but is a disappointment when actually used as it gives just enough space for a small family. The rear headroom is pretty less for six footers due to the steeping roof. The boot is quite large with 520 litres but it takes less luggage that what it could get due to the bad designing.
Exclusive cars have front electric windows, air-conditioning and cruise control. The higher range SRi trim gives you rear electric windows, sports suspension and alloy wheels. The VX-Line gives a good body kit. SE cars give wood trim and auto lights in place of sports suspension. Elite adds parking sensors and electric seats.
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