2014 Vauxhall Insignia Hatchback Review

Though there are various engine selections available, the 138bhp with the Ecoflex diesel remains efficient and great in the pick up. It is not required to rev back, as the mid range models are available better in hand as well. It might remain quite flat in the revs while comparing it with its competitors.
It is easy to handle the latest designed wheels which give the grooving feel while riding on the road. It manages the steering with the numb around feel however it gives the nervous ride while riding on the motorway. The Insignia gives a standard and comfortable look along witht the 16 inch wheeling. Riding this car is quite comfortable and doesn’t remains much shoddy while riding on the B roads.
It introduces a little road noise when riding on any hard surfaces. It gets through the wind pass when riding it in the flank motorway. The diesel engine ruins the Insignia and remains very rough when it is highly accelerated. The 6 speed gearbox is designed with the manual handling and remains good in handling as well.
The diesel engine in this model is declared to have slightly less CO2 emissions that remains competitively cheaper for running as a perfect car. Each model goes through depreciation and hence they are offered with big discounts.
When owning this car, you get the best cabin which feels and gives the better ultimate comfort. The reliability record is quite average and it scores 20th in the 38 manufacturers in the latest survey.
It comes with 6 airbags along with the stability controller. It is not comfortable, as there is no driver knee bag available. Insignia scores 5 star rating the NCAP Euro crash test.
The stereo and the phone are efficiently controlled with the sat nav equipped along with! Navigating through the various menus is quite easier and simple. The performance remains good in its functionality. The noise control, laptop touchpad style and the scroll knob are accessible and easy to use as well.
This car is definitely the perfect choice that could adopt all your family people comfortably. Though it doesn’t remain very much huge and roomy when looking it from the outside, this car is a great business or family car.
The basic version is quite decently equipped. It includes USB, digital radio system, Bluetooth, aux in sockets, 4 way lumbar, cruise control and many more. For having the electric power windows in the rear and as well to add parking sensors, you need to spend a little money in addition.
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