2014 Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer Review

The 99bph 1.4-litre Vauxhall Astra feels not that good and the 113bhp 1.6-litre engine also feels slow but better than the former. 94bhp 1.3 diesel engine is pretty slow. Other variants include 1.6-litre with 109bhp or 134bhp while top of the line 2.0-litre comes with 163bhp as well as 192bhp.
Having smooth standard suspension also doesn’t make the car sharp to drive as compared to others in the segment. Steering is not that responsive, and the car experiences too much body roll. The SRi model is an improvement as the sports suspension gives a better body control. The Flexride adaptive suspension is also not the savior. The suspension of Astra is well built with almost no noise on a bumpy road and doesn’t give inside the road noise too. Some diesel models have that boomy problem. Wind noise at high speed is also a problem and the pedal causes vibrational problem too.
Having high prices compared to the rivals is an issue with the Astra Tourer. The fuel economy, CO2 emissions and leasing rates are affordable though.
The cabin of the Astra looks very impressive at the first look but then on closer look you see the plastics and the impressions comes down. The switchgear seems smooth and smart.
The safety feature includes stability control in all models to avoid accidents. More features include curtain airbags; front and side, for the safety but other cars are also giving this or generally more. Coming with all the safety measures the car has also gained five stars in Euro NCAP crash tests.
As per the designs, the dashboard design is smart and showing the gadgets high-tech but the buttons are not of good quality with some of them even marked poorly. The only thing looking good is adjustment of the seats and steering wheel which makes the things comfortable.
The well-shaped Astra Tourer has the boot with optional tyre inflation kit. The rear seats can be lifted or folded and have handy seat-release buttons. The space inside is enough to have the capacity.
With those confusing lines of trims makes Astra Sports Tourer bit down though. Air-conditioning, electric front windows, remote locking can be found in all versions. But the climate control and heated leather seats comes in Elite trim only. It comes with Bluetooth, sat nav, DAB radio and USB connectivity.
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